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Marketing has come a long way since its inception in the American Management system in the early 20thCentury. In India, we can trace back the real concept of Marketing to our beloved Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy which underlines that, "The customer is the King." Marketing as a discipline followed a distinct pattern of evolution. The early Industrialisation era lasted from the time of invent of first steam engine to the World War.

Then, the main focus was on the production and due to the uniqueness of the products, the customers did not have much choice to make. The organizations largely focused on the volumes of units produced/manufactured. With the passing of time, the economies grew and hence there was a surge of different types of products in the same and the industry and the customers got the opportunity to choose from different products.

At one point of time, we could not have imagined that we would feel puzzled that a simple writing instrument like pen would be available in so many forms and shapes that each time we go to buy a pen, we would choose a different one. Hence, there was a need to study the consumer behavior and their psychology in detail.

Today, almost all the organizations were forced to shift their focus from simply manufacturing the best and large volumes to manufacturing that which the customer demands.

There came the existence of Marketing departments who acted as an interface between the customers and the industry. They had the data and the information about the real needs of the customers. A very recent development in the field of Management which is now adopted by a majority of organizations is the Integrated Marketing concept where Marketing is the center of all activities in an organization.

The Human Resources are trained and developed to suit the customer requirement, the Production department works on satisfying the needs of the customers and around the Marketing Department revolves all the essential functions.

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